It has been a busy month! Preparing for students and launching a school year of ministry is quite a change of pace from the semi-leasurly summer  of resting, training, planning, gardening, visiting, and staying cool. It was a good summer, and I believe that this is the most healthy I have been going in to a school year since… College!   Wow.

We have so much to share about the start of the school year and ministry of InterVarsity on our campus, but first, a few personal highlights:

Our Home

This month we took advantage of the low interest rates now available and refinanced our home! We got a great deal and are very thankful for the opportunity. We know we are blessed to have this home.


Adam is starting another quarter of seminary this week, studying Greek II and Leadership. He is such a student at heart! One evening last summer he ran down to our office to check email. He told me he would be back by 9. Adam is a time-conscious person. (Seriously, it’s a super power. His guess of what time it is is typically within 3 minutes of actual time).

So that evening I curled up on the couch and started reading. I am not a time-conscious person, so when I got up for a drink of water and discovered it was 10:30, I was worried. I texted him. He was fine and with apologies said he would be home right away.

As he came in the door, he had a big goofy smile and a piece of paper. He handed me the paper and like a proud 2nd grader said “Look what I did!” He had spent the last 2 hours diagramming and translating a sentence from the New Testament. He didn’t even notice 90 minutes slip by!


Last summer, our friend Amanda introduced us to the world of canning and preserving with a recipe for rhubarb strawberry jam. This year we have already made two batches of Salsa, Blueberry butter, Cantaloupe jam, and two types of Pickled peppers. Most of these recipes are from the book Food in Jars Preserving in small batches year round. So fun!

Your Turn

I am trying to decide what to include in the blog in weeks and months to come. If there is something you would really like to read more about this fall, leave a comment or an email.

Happy Autumn!

2 thoughts on “Autumn

  1. I would love to hear snippets of what the Lord is teaching you both personally (and it doesn’t have to obviously tie into ministry-related things, either) … we care about you as Mary and Adam and not just Mary and Adam, IV staff. :) Love you guys!

  2. p.s. Thanks for updating us via this blog! I enjoy all your posts, but, because of my 1st comment, I especially love the snapshots into your personal lives.

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